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The brief

Generate proposals that will help strengthen the local economy of the southern area of the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara, increase the supply of decent and well-paid jobs, as well as the employability of people living in those territories.

The background

ITESO has collaborated in this area of the city with different proposals to foster the development and growth of people and through this challenge we want to continue doing. It is a worthy challenge for creative university students wishing to focus their knowledge on providing a solution to such a problem.

The problem

The south polygon of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara in which the Juan Alfonso de Polanco Integral Program affects 54 colonies; 20% of them are classified as areas of high and very high marginality and 49% are located in a degree of average marginality. The difficulties of the population's income are related to low schooling, access to informal jobs and low productivity jobs. In addition, we find productive units and services of small and low productivity, so that the local economy shows fragmented and dispersed.