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We are in the Value Creation Workshop!

Last saturday we had our Value Creation Workshop where the students learned about the NACB and how to make a pitch.

This events was more abicius than the Demola Jam becuse the students were pushed to work in laps of 15 minuntes. Making the innovation process fast and strong.

After 6 hours, the students not only understood the value of their proposal but created a strong and validaded pitch that will be usefull when they go outsite make validations to the world.

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JAM all over the place!

Last Saturday we had our JAM where the students learned about teamwork, demo boulding and validation.

They started to talk in the community and learn about the other cases and what the other teams think about it.

Our next event is the "Value Creation Workshop" where they will learn more about there project and get the juice out of it.

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Innitial Meeting

This week the teams had their first meeting to meet know more about the case and the problem.

This meeting is important to understand more about the case and trow all the questions the team could have to the partner.

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Kick Off

Last week we had our Kick Off to anounce the start of our second season of Demola Guadalajara.

In the event, the students meet they team and company partner share their expectation about the case.

For the next 15 weeks the teams will work to create a innovated solution for their cases and learn about teamwork, innovation and work experience.


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Demola Nite

Demola Nite will take DemolaGDL to a new level, giving students the tools to innovate at a higher rate.

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JAM at Guadalajara!

First JAM faciitated by our fellows of Tampere. Thank you!!!

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Our first workshops of value creation were a hit!
The students were very excited and happy to make their first pitches.

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Our first event was a big success!


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